03 March 2010

Local conventions

Some of the best gaming conventions are regional events by Historical Miniature Gaming Society chapters.  Little Wars in Chicago, put on by the Great Lakes chapter, is one which I attended last year and am going to this year.  I went to Enfilade by the Northwest chapter about four years ago in Olympia, Washington, and had a wonderful time.  Neither convention rivals Historicon, the HMGS East show, which is really the national convention for North American gamers, or even probably Fall In or Cold Wars, both of which I have not attended.  But that does not mean these smaller chapters do not put on a good show.  Because they are smaller and therefore more local, the gamers know each other and tend to put on games using systems they have already tried.  As long as you are open to new games and rules, you can make the most of the con.

Now, if only HMGS/PSW was so fortunate.  Their mini-cons have suffered in recent years, and for good reasons, which are not worth going into.  Now they have an activist president and vice-president, and they are trying to turn the mini-cons into something worthwhile, while turning the organization around as a whole.  Hopefully this will occur — southern California deserves a vibrant gaming presence.


Harmon Ward said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. We have a long road ahead of us but with all of your help, we will get there.

Harmon Ward said...

Also, have we ever met? In the three years that I have run Hobby Day in Anaheim I don't believe I have ever met any members of the Saturday Night Irregulars. If you wish, contact me about what yo do. We will never get 400 together until we can get 40.

gregoryk said...

None of the SNI have ever attended. We generally meet once every one to two weeks on Saturday evenings. You have met me at one of Dave's Guns at Gettysburg games at Strategicon. I am the one who played a Union brigade in the center, which fled the field, and then I left the game early.