04 April 2010

ACW links

Here is a very good one with excellent small arms info.  For maps that give great detail to ACW battles, try out this site from the Civil War Preservation Trust.  Both are useful for designing scenario for American Battlelines.

03 April 2010

Soviet propaganda film with assorted AFV's.

Drum Beats on the Battleline pt.14

A recent playtest of a game based on the Chickamauga battle went very well.  A few minor referee errors that the players were unaware of, but the game played smoothly and had believable results.  We used the new Morale rule that each unit only tests once, during its activation if it had taken casualties or had other effects in the turn leading up to its activation.  That made the game go faster and was more equitable.

Found a wonderful site with lots of maps and descriptions of Civil War battles here.  Highly recommended.