26 November 2010

Battle of Santa Cruz recreated

Good video!

23 November 2010

Sudden Storm

Sudden Storm is now in galley and we hope to have a production date soon.  I have posted the timeline for the hypothetical conflict on the front page of our web site, so folks can see just how likely a war could have been.  All of the various events were either actual ones that we moved in time or slightly embellished.  We did thorough research on the inter war period to bring the most fidelity and veracity possible to the projected conflict.

11 November 2010

The Solomons Campaign

One of the reasons I developed and brought to publication The Solomons Campaign is because I personally like to play it.  One of the reasons I am revisiting the game to clarify its rules is because I want it to be the best possible product on the market.  Several years of play have uncovered some areas that could use a bit of nuancing and explanation.  I am not worried too much about reviewing the game too closely, as the basic text and product is solid.  I am going to have the pleasure of running it again in San Diego, within the next few weeks.  if the game goes the way most games do.  It will begin with a massive carrier battle that will eliminate both sides' carrier capability.  I always caution players against doing this right off the bat but usually the USN and Kaigun immediately have a huge carrier war in the first months of the campaign.

05 November 2010

Sudden Storm ad

04 November 2010

01 November 2010

Though it has taken longer than anticipated due to my medical down time, we may have our latest project out by Christmas. First there is the proof copy, but Sudden Storm is in galley now. We will see how it looks when put together by the printer.