31 July 2009

That D*** Web Site, Part II

I wish that the web site would be magically fixed immediately, so that I could have access. But that is just not going to happen. My personal feeling is the software is stable, or at least not the cause, since it is not possible to even get onto the site. That points to a server issue. I would happily jettison the company we use now, for a variety of reasons, some of which are personal. At some point we will get back to having a web presence that is stable and works for everyone.

30 July 2009

and the beat goes on

I wish I could speed up the process of Meine Truppen development, but the rules now reside with the ODGW partners to look over and dissect. So, until life events clear up for my esteemed colleagues to review the initial ideas presented, the game is in stasis. The rules I have written do push the MP envelope quite a bit, so we will see what the response is.

All of the rules will be compatible with Mein Panzer, utilizing the Drop-In system for several sections, not just infantry.

24 July 2009

H-con '09 is history

All done with another Historicon, the last to take place in Lancaster for at least the next two years. As anybody who has been paying attention knows, there is a controversial move to Baltimore for 2010 and 2011. As a former Baltimore resident, and someone who flies in from the west coast for the con, this is a good thing, but most folks I heard discussing the move are four square against it. Now, the number of events that have been run at the largest con in the country has been diminishing; obviously, fewer folks are interested in putting on games. Maybe it is time to allow more vendors into the constricted vendor hall, and to open the con up to a wider audience who may have been put off by the Lancaster Host and its problems.

I am very willing to give the new venue a try, but it seems many in the gaming community have already written it off. Dommage!

09 July 2009

Shots fired

Someone asked about Mein Panzer on TMP, with some specific questions on how it handled a variety of game issues. I posted a comment, which I know to be true, that MP2 is as good a game with tanks as without. Immediately following that was a supposed playtester of the 2nd edition who said "the infantry rules are severely broken." Now, that was not even true of MP 1st edition. But just making the complaint means it takes on a life of its own, like slinging mud, or slinging worse. We have played enough pure infantry fights using the rules to know they work great, and encourage and reward proper tactics, such as suppressive fire, smoke, HE fire, and the like. All perform together beautifully. Too bad one poster can make a very well-developed, good game seem flawed.