14 March 2010

libraries and their (space) limits

Almost every gamer I know has storage units.  They simply cannot put all the books, games, and miniatures they own in a reasonably sized apartment or even house.  I have had to contemplate this myself, though I am now deciding to sell the games that I do not realistically intend to play again.  A recent 60% one-day sale by the University of North Carolina Press added about twenty volumes to my collection, on classical music, railroads, ACW, and 20th century Pacific War, these last by H.P. Willmont, one of my favorite authors.  Now, what to do as the shelves groan.  Another bookcase is needed to sort out the mess.  I will buy an inexpensive one, though I am still considering turning it into a wood shop project of my own design.

I keep my ear to the ground for select university presses, e.g., University of Kansas, and have a sharp eye out for sales on Amazon, where prices go up and down frequently.  I picked up a new color ink-jet printer/copier/scanner with wireless capability at 65% off its retail price through close tracking of the item.  And shipping is usually free, and there is no tax.  ODGW bought me Adobe Acrobat for my editing work, and my partner Bob helped me locate a copy at 33% off the cheapest price elsewhere.  My motto — never pay full retail.  Research is fun for me, especially now that I am writing the official history of our latest GQIII release.  Nothing like looking for gems of pertinent info.  The background for our next naval campaign is one of the most thoroughly researched games ODGW has ever produced.  We have high hopes for its acceptance in the wargaming community.

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