04 March 2010

ACW scenario Books

There are two very good sources for the miniature gamer currently available.  First is the latest in Savas Beatie Press's excellent maps series entitled The Maps of Chickamauga: An Atlas of the Chickamauga Campaign, Including the Tullahoma Operations, June 22 - September 23, 1863.   As with their earlier map books on Civil War battles, this one is designed to bring clarity to the campaign via very detailed and colorful hour by hour accounting.  For the wargamer, there are maps in great detail, along with the history of the movements, allowing anyone to accurately set up their tabletop and game out the numerous skirmishes up to the large battles that ultimately decided the fate of the Rebel and Union armies involved.

Also recommended is a new scenario book on Chickamauga, titled River of Death, available as a .pdf download from the Wargame Vault.  This resource has listings of twelve scenarios fought during the final battles of the campaign.  Importantly, it is designed to be rules-neutral, so it gives figure scales of 20:1 all the way to 100:1.  Likewise, it lists variable turn lengths, total number of men in the regiments, and all the info needed to use in just about any regimental ACW game on the market.  I cannot see why anyone who is even remotely interested in the campaign would not pick up this valuable resource.  I look forward to many games using its scenarios on this largely neglected campaign and battles, which ended up as the second most bloody of all the Civil War battles.  Highly recommended!  Let’s hope the folks at Historic Imagination see fit to publish more scenario books, and not just for ACW.  This type of treatment could benefit any historical era.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for referencing our book The Maps of Chickamauga, by David Powell and David Friedrichs. It has 126 full page full color maps, including and entire section of the Tullahoma Campaign (which I hear is also fun to war game).

We have copies with signed bookplates by the authors for anyone who orders through our website at www.savasbeatie.com


Kim Krouse
Savas Beatie LLC

gregoryk said...
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gregoryk said...
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gregoryk said...

Kim, you are quite welcome. Savas Beatie is publishing superior titles these days, right out here in California. While purchasing your Chickamauga book, have a look at their other offerings, including their definitive The Complete Gettysburg Guide. This is highly recommended as the best guide to the battlefield currently in print, if not the best guide ever. Required for serious Gettysburg scholars and battlefield stompers.