26 December 2010

Sudden Storm

It is official, Sudden Storm will not be available until January at the earliest.

16 December 2010

In Memoriam

It was with great sadness that I learned yesterday of the death of one of our ODGW partners, a founding member of the company. J.D. Perry passed away a few days ago, and he will be sorely missed. He loved life and lit up our meetings with his infectious good humor.

09 December 2010

I am awaiting the proof copy of the Sudden storm rules. Once that arrives and both authors have a chance to vet the galley, we will move forward with production. No guarantees about availability date, but first of the year looks promising right now. This game should raise the bar for naval campaigns yet again, as it involves both sea and land forces and combat in an easy to understand format, and one that can be finished in just a few gaming sessions, depending on how much combat is generated. We were able to finish nearly half the game, which is a minimum of eight turns long, in one evening of casual play. And our group is notoriously slow.