31 October 2010

Sudden Storm is lurching towards publication. We have just decided on a printer and the price, so you will see it hopefully soon.

22 October 2010

Mein Panzer MMG-style

My gaming group in Los Angeles is working on making the game simpler and quicker to play. We are taking out a number of the modifiers that exist in the game and simplifying other areas. Although we play pretty quickly, MP is still a complicated system. Look for our version in the registered users section of the Download Library. MMG=Miracle Mile Gamers.
My gaming group in Los Angeles is looking for ways to speed up the play ofMein Panzer, look for the MMG version in the Download Library of the web site, available to registered users of MP. MMG=Miracle Mile Gamers.

17 October 2010

General Quarters

We now have three GQ products in development. Only one Sudden Storm is close enough to publication for discussion. But there are busy people ready to bring out more stuff following that.

15 October 2010

Sudden Storm news

Our first estimate for printing has come in, so we are getting closer to production with each passing day. We will have news soon, I hope. This will be a large scale campaign, combining sea, aerial , and land combat in one package. We are very excited about this new campaign, one which has dominated our playtesting for the past several months. It is very engrossing and has led to some very good and interesting battles.