12 February 2010

Mein Panzer at LAX Radisson

There will be a game of Mein Panzer at the LAX airport Radisson Strategicon this Sunday.  The scenario is about a Canadian attack on the town of Torre Muchia in Italy along the Adriatic.  We have played this once before, with the Germans in a set piece defense and the Canadians attacking.  We will see how the scenario plays out this time.  The first version was done incorrectly (major rules misinterpretation!) so there has not been a fair playing of the scenario.  I think either side can win, depending on management of resources.

The Strategicon staff has been trying to promote historical miniatures at the thrice-annual conventions they run.  It has been an uphill battle the whole way.  There just does not seem to be enough interest by local miniatures gamers to make the con worthwhile.  HMGS/PSW has been trying to change that, but with little success so far.  By the looks of things, there is not a strong presence of miniatures gamers in southern California.  Most of what there is devotes its time to "Warhammer"-type games.  Hard-core historicals are supported by at least two groups in San Diego, and two that I know of in Los Angeles, one of which is the notorious Miracle Mile Gamers, struggling along with four members.  In the hopes of advertising our presence, we are doing our part and running a game.  I will report back on the turnout.

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