08 February 2010


I am involved in a campaign revolving around the crassly named town of Buttdorf, somewhere in the Alsace in October '44.  The Germans have mounted an attack to slow the progress of US armored divisions, and have already taken Buttdorf, much to my chagrin.  It was accomplished a little too easily, and without sufficient cost to the attacking force.  The Germans then attacked three miles south of the town, at the 'Y' road junction of the Krakstrasser (the puns only get worse) road junction between Bastenburg and Nixdorf, not far from the farm and orchards of Zackie BauernhofGiven our limited resources, my partner and I are deciding upon our next point of contact with the advancing Germans.  We have reserves at Phat Bauernhof (aka Phat Farm), where we will likely make another stand.  Ultimately, we cannot give up the bridge at Nixdorf, and need to retake the bridge in Buttdorf.  More to follow as we decide our next move.

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