10 May 2010


I now have enough lead for the ACW, ECW, and WWII to put on quite a war all by myself.  The scale for the early periods is 10mm, while I persist in my appreciation of microarmour, 6mm, for WWII.  It just looks so right for the dimensions of the table and the ranges.  15mm is beautiful, but I come unhinged when two tanks with barrels practically touching are 50 or more yards apart.  Just do not have that issue with 6mm.  The MMG have routinely used 6mm for pure infantry battles, one of the arguments for larger scales, and had great success.

I alway wonder why a rules set is indicated as for a specific scale.  For 15-20mm, you can just put more small figures on the stands, and everything looks great.  This is what I intend to do for two other games I want to play, which (gasp!) are not ODGW creations.  The rules I am intrigued by are Battlegroup Panzergrenadier, which I have never played, and Kampfgruppe Commander, which I have played several times.  BgPz uses the squad as the smallest unit, while KGC uses the platoon.  It is nice to mix things up a bit, rather than play the same thing every time.

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