11 October 2009

Meine Truppen playtesting pt 3

We have received very good playtest results from two of our groups.  I have come up with new ideas for some of the basic mechanics of Meine Truppen, and hope they will address some of the concerns of our playtesters.  Notably, they involve cutting down on the die rolls, which have multiplied by two due to the scale of the game.  Those familiar with Mein Panzer will know what a Bonus roll is — an additional chance to-hit for Veteran and Elite stands.  Now I have come up with an alteration of that procedure, which should speed play and help level the playing field a lot.  I think it is a good idea to make the dramatic distinction between the various troop types of the rules less so. 

Overall, response has been positive.  I think this game will prove a winner (he said modestly!).

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