25 October 2009

Drum beats on the Battleline pt.5

Last night the Saturday Night Irregulars allowed me the privilege of a playtest of American Battlelines, which went better than I had hoped, despite my predictable number of refereeing mistakes.  The better lead and superior troops carried the day, as expected.  Most of the mechanisms worked well, and seemed to have the proper feel for how they should inter-relate.  The charge sequence still seems to need work — some parts may require tweaking.  Overall, a believable result was obtained, and in a short amount of time, given the unfamiliarity of the players with the game system.  Another aspect of the game in need of fine-tuning is the Command rules, which are the least fleshed out of all the chapters.  I will have to work hard on modeling the C³I part of the game.  Also am considering the five range bands for firing, and the relative lack of a canister range for artillery.

Progress is being made, slowly but surely.

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