11 November 2010

The Solomons Campaign

One of the reasons I developed and brought to publication The Solomons Campaign is because I personally like to play it.  One of the reasons I am revisiting the game to clarify its rules is because I want it to be the best possible product on the market.  Several years of play have uncovered some areas that could use a bit of nuancing and explanation.  I am not worried too much about reviewing the game too closely, as the basic text and product is solid.  I am going to have the pleasure of running it again in San Diego, within the next few weeks.  if the game goes the way most games do.  It will begin with a massive carrier battle that will eliminate both sides' carrier capability.  I always caution players against doing this right off the bat but usually the USN and Kaigun immediately have a huge carrier war in the first months of the campaign.

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