11 November 2009


For a company that is out of business, there still is a lot of the stuff hanging around.  It is very useful and easy to set up, and provides a quite nice looking wargame terrain, especially if you use the flocked mat as the base.  I am in the process of obtaining some, though my cat, who has a taste for styrofoam ate a piece the other night while I was sleeping.  Deposited it on the carpet the next morning.  The usefulness of styrofoam and blue insulating foam keeps gamers working on terrain.  The problem with items under cloths is that it produces unsightly folds that do not lie flat.  I know one gamer who has a sand table, but that is a luxury only a serious gamer with an understanding spouse, or none at all, can have.  So I might purchase a deluxe foam cutter set for making custom pieces soon.  Seems like the way to go.

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