26 September 2009

VASSAL vs Cyberboard

Two different systems for achieving the same thing — play by email (pbem).  Cyberboard has been around longer, but is tied to Windows and PC's.  VASSAL is Java-based, so can run on a Mac and Unix, can be sync'd for real time play with another computer over the web, and currently seems to have a larger number of games available, though not as many of the oldie but goodies that Cyberboard seems to have.  I found SPI's Blitzkrieg Module System Cyberboard on the Yahoo egroup for TAHGC's Blitzkrieg, a game I still like to pull out once in a while.  The Module really makes the game interesting.  It adds background and names to the fictional countries of the board, new units, CRT's, and plenty of chrome to liven up the game. 

In any case, both methods give players the opportunity to communicate at long distances and play games at relatively fast speeds.  With my Intel Mac and a Windows emulator, I can run Cyberboard and VASSAL.  So I have the best of both possible worlds.

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