03 August 2009

Battlelines volunteers

We still hold out hope for the web site, which is undergoing repair as I write this. In the meantime, I have completed the first two chapters, and am willing to send them to you, since they are introductory and do not need the meat and potatoes of the actual rules, which start with Chapter 3.

N.B. My writing style is most definitely different than that of the original designer, so if there are jarring syntactical shifts, you'll know why.


Prinz Geoffrey said...

Ready to start reviewing and commenting as needed.

Joe LePard said...

I'm ready to go. Please send the files to cabin4clw@yahoo.com

It has more capacity

Colin Upton said...

hi. This is Colin Upton in Vancouver, Canada. I've been a wargamer for about 36 years. I've been recently playtesting the orginial American Battlelines for the War of 1812 in 15mm. I also do the French & Indian War in 25mm, which I know isn't covered in the rules but I suspect could well be. I know, I know there wasn't yet an America but Americans were certainly involved!