24 July 2009

H-con '09 is history

All done with another Historicon, the last to take place in Lancaster for at least the next two years. As anybody who has been paying attention knows, there is a controversial move to Baltimore for 2010 and 2011. As a former Baltimore resident, and someone who flies in from the west coast for the con, this is a good thing, but most folks I heard discussing the move are four square against it. Now, the number of events that have been run at the largest con in the country has been diminishing; obviously, fewer folks are interested in putting on games. Maybe it is time to allow more vendors into the constricted vendor hall, and to open the con up to a wider audience who may have been put off by the Lancaster Host and its problems.

I am very willing to give the new venue a try, but it seems many in the gaming community have already written it off. Dommage!

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