16 August 2014

Solomon's Campaign

Has anyone run this campaign to completion? Am interested in which side won?

Mare Nostrum

The next GQIII release will be the middle sea campaign, starting in 1940. I had run into a serious writers block on this game but seem now to have a way forward.

29 March 2012

Work continues on the next campaign for the GQIII Decisions at Sea series. The next one is likely to be for Fleet Action Immanent a WWI campaign in the North Sea. We have a little work still to go on it before publication. But playtests so far have been promising.

19 August 2011

more stuff

The next items likely to be released by ODGW are new GQIII Deluxe ship logs, they are not quite ready, but will be available at some point.

17 August 2011

Our next campaign

We are busy with our next campaign game.  I try to write a bit each day, though I admit that I have to spend a fair amount of time on plain old reading for research purposes.  Our game playtesters demand a high degree of historical fealty, so even invented events have to be plausible.